Wireless Control Air Humidifier

Wireless Control Air Humidifier

Remote APP Control Appointment timing function Adjustable 7-color LED ambient light Support loop, color selection, off mode lighting adjustment Support spray mode adjustment (continuous spray, intermittent spray, closed spray) Support Alexa/Google Home/IFTTT/Tmall Elf Voice Control

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Product Details

1.200ml large capacity water tank, continuous work for 8 hours, intermittent work for 15 hours _x005f_x000b_2. Baby food grade PP water tank material _x000b_3. Waterless power function, prevent dry burning, safe and secure _x000b_4. Ultra-quiet, below 30 decibels, Peace of mind sleep _x000b_5. Timing, set 1H, 3H, 5H_x000b_6. Patented waterproof air duct system, effectively reduce the risk of water exposure of the body electrical parts 7. The atomized piece produces a very fine vibration frequency of 2.4 million times per second. Fog? 8. Breathing gradient atmosphere light, 4-color gradient breathing atmosphere light, choose your favorite color at any time 9. Adopt Bluetooth 4.0 transmission technology, compatible with mainstream mobile phones, tablets, notebooks, etc., 10 meters barrier-free transmission, play more free.

DC24V, 12W, voltage 220V, 200ml, package size 174*174*220mm, gross weight 0.55KG

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