Fire Emergency Lighting

Fire Emergency Lighting

Fire emergency lighting is used to guide personnel to escape or evacuate. Suitable for hotels, office buildings and some large building emergency lighting. Request". A type approval certificate for fire protection products is required.

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1) Using LED as a light source, low power consumption, energy saving and environmental protection.

2) DC36V power supply is safe and reliable.

3) With independent address coding and device type, the system can realize automatic login.

4) High-performance CPU control to detect light source, bus and power failures.

5) Advanced self-owned bus communication technology, stable and reliable operation

6) The circuit has overcharge, overdischarge, short circuit of the charging circuit and protection of the circuit fuse.

Third, technical parameters:

1, power: DC36V, comes with power

2. Power: 5W

3. Emergency time: emergency work time is not less than 90 minutes;

4, light source: super bright LED, luminous flux greater than 50lm;

5, battery specifications: 2 3.7V / 2200mAh lithium battery,

6, bus technology: i-Bus bus

7. Installation method: online installation;

8, shell material: metal shell, glass mask

9, control functions: discontinuous, inspection, lighting, lighting, bus control.


Remote APP control

Warm and cold dimming

RGB dimming

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