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Top Construction Site Surveillance Cameras Should Have Five Main Features
- Jan 17, 2018 -

In recent years, builders ' monitoring needs for construction sites have been increasing. People found that the use of site monitoring cameras, can better manage the construction site, can improve the efficiency, reduce safety accidents, avoid wrong construction and repeated construction, avoid the site of important materials stolen and valuable construction machinery was malicious damage. But an excellent construction site surveillance camera typically requires the following five features:

1, the site camera must first be a high-definition digital surveillance camera.

Simulation of the monitoring era has been basically over, the previous kind of only see the fuzzy contour of the monitoring equipment can not meet the modern high-precision construction monitoring requirements.

2, the site camera must have excellent night vision ability.

Construction site generally in the relatively remote suburbs, the evening most of the black and no light environment, the night view of the monitoring camera requirements are very high, used in the site of the monitoring cameras to use a low degree of photographic chip, infrared light is best to use a better penetrating laser infrared lamp, Another feature of the laser infrared lamp is that it lasts longer than an array of infrared lights.

3, 4g/3g Remote viewing function is a site camera equipment must have the function.

Construction sites are generally in the more remote areas, it is not likely to easily access the wired Internet to do network remote monitoring. With the full application of 4G mobile communication in China in the 2015, 4G Wireless Internet technology has been applied to the surveillance camera, so long as there is 4g/3g communication signal, the site can be monitored with 4G wireless camera. This is a very good way for many construction sites to start at the same time.

4, a good 4G site camera must be plugged into the type.

Although there are electrical maintenance on the construction site, not every site has a network of engineers, the need to set complex network parameters of the monitoring camera is not suitable for use on the site. This requires that our 4G site camera must be sufficiently user-friendly.

5, a good 4G site camera is best to have built-in storage features and UPS uninterruptible power supply capabilities. Built-in storage capabilities allow builders to gain more than 24 hours of uninterrupted monitoring of video data.