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Three Factors Affecting The Real-time Effect Of Network Camera Online Monitoring
- Jan 17, 2018 -

The digital video viewing effect of the network camera is related to the following three important parameters, the higher the bandwidth.

1, Resolution: resolution refers to the size of the image. At the same time provide network Camera three resolution video stream, QCIF (176x144), CIF (352x288), and D1 (704x576). QCIF is suitable for viewing on 2.5G mobile phones, CIF is suitable for viewing on 3G mobile phones or remote computers, D1 is suitable for LAN viewing. Generally speaking, the higher the resolution, the higher the code rate of the video stream, the higher the bandwidth that needs to be occupied.

2, Frame rate: Frame rate is the playback speed of the image, that is, how many frames per second image. The frame rate is 25 o'clock, the human eye will feel very fluent, no pause, which is determined by the visual characteristics of the human eye. However, due to the actual network bandwidth constraints, many occasions there is no way to transmit frame rate of 25 of the video screen, have to sacrifice some fluency, choose a lower frame rate, to ensure that the entire video stream can transmit the past.

3, the code rate: The code rate is the digital video stream after compression coding size, such as 200kbps means that the video stream every second to transmit 200k bits. The rate of setting, first of all, with the network uplink bandwidth to match, if the code rate exceeds the uplink bandwidth, it is certainly unable to transmit out. With the resolution and frame rate unchanged, the higher the rate setting, the clearer the image quality.