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The Main Accessories Of Digital Camera
- Jan 17, 2018 -

UV Lenses

Filter the excess ultraviolet rays in the air while protecting the lens. UV brands, such as corn, Ken Gao, Hassan, B+w, as well as some large brands of the original lenses and so on, the price is uneven: for example, from dozens of to hundreds of yuan. Select the time to pay attention to the UV mirror is coated on the surface, especially in the strong light shaking when we see colorful colors, the performance of the light is very good, put the lens in front of the eye is a kind of see the feeling of the lens. And the dozens of-yuan lens is strictly not UV lenses (but called protective mirrors), first, the lens has no coating (no coating has no UV mirror function, just play to protect the lens to prevent the effect of dust), put on the lens is like adding a more high-grade glass. The imaging effect is not as good as not adding lenses.

Liquid Crystal Protective Film

Mainly to prevent the effect of the LCD screen scratch, this protective film use is: Electrostatic adsorption on the surface of the LCD screen, if the time is long, the protection film surface scratches more serious can be replaced in a timely manner, and the surface of the LCD screen has no corrosive effect.

Air blowing

Clean the lens and the dust on the surface of the camera, but be sure to pay attention to the cleaning, the head must be a distance from the lens, through the palm of the moment force to blow

LENS cloth

Should be used in conjunction with the use of air blowing, when wiping the lens can not use the mouth to blow the ash on the lens to avoid the lens above your saliva.

Photographic bag

First of all, the selection of the photographic package to choose performance such as: Rain, shock, dust, fire and so on.