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Smart Parking: Intelligent Parking Robot
- Apr 13, 2018 -

In 2016, Hikvision launched smart parking robots. Intelligent parking robots use the visual and inertial dual navigation technology developed by the company to achieve autonomous positioning, and its positioning error can be reduced to less than 5mm. The robot can lift, carry, rotate, and lower the 2000kg car. The owner only needs to click through the App click of the smart parking lot. The smart center system will automatically plan the parking position and the optimal path for the parking robot and dispatch the parking space. The robot exits and parks the vehicle. The entire parking process can be completed within 2 minutes in a 2000 square meter parking lot.


Intelligent parking robots landed on November 16, 2016 at Wuzhen World Internet Conference, becoming the world's first robot intelligent parking application case. Intelligent parking robots can dispatch 500 cars at the same time, increasing the number of parking spaces in the same area of parking by 20% to 40%. In the smart parking lot of Wuzhen Internet of Things Street, the smart parking system increased the previous 64 parking spaces to 89.


Although due to the high cost of smart hardware, smart parking systems currently have no specific profit model and promotion strategy. However, the development of this system is undoubtedly an important move for the company in the field of artificial intelligence, which will help the company advance its artificial intelligence strategy.