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Security Field
- Apr 13, 2018 -

2015, Hikvision took the lead from the back-end product layout artificial intelligence, launched a study based on the depth of the back-end technology products - "Falcon," "Blade" intelligent server, this series has been in Nanchang, "Skynet Project Phase II "Wuxian smart transportation and other major projects play an important role.


Since then, as the progress of artificial intelligence technology has accelerated, Hikvision began to lay out its front end. In November last year, Hikvision launched a full range of smart security product families based on deep learning technologies: "Shenzhen" series of smart cameras, "God catcher" series of intelligent transportation products, "Brain" series of intelligent NVR, "Facebook" Series face analysis server and so on.


"Deep eye" by the Professional Series smart cameras, a bolt, cylinder machine, ball machine, eyes, multicast, Hawkeye and a series of different forms of product composition, relying on its powerful multi-engine hardware platform, built specifically Design and optimize deep learning algorithms for video surveillance scenarios. Based on the depth of learning technology, it supports face recognition, behavior analysis personnel, human attribute analysis, face dynamic contrast and other intelligent detection, with more accurate than the human brain's ability to generalize big data security. It can realize multi-feature information extraction and event detection of people, vehicles, and objects in various complex environments, and can fully meet the application needs of multiple scenarios and industries.