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Russia Moscow International Security Products Exhibition
- Mar 08, 2018 -

The Moscow International Security Products Exhibition (MIPS) sponsored by the world-renowned ITE exhibition company, founded in 1994, once a year, 2018 will be the 24th. MIPS is famous for its professionalism and large scale. It is Russia's most authoritative and largest security and firefighting exhibition and a trade and commerce platform for public safety products in Russia and the surrounding areas. The scale of the exhibition is constantly expanding with the increase of reputation. The exhibition is divided into four modules: security solutions, CCTV and video surveillance, fire protection and protection, IT security, smart cards and bank security solutions, demonstrating burglar alarm, CCTV monitoring and Monitoring Systems, Identification, Access Control and Attendance Management, Fire and Fire Safety, Anti-Terrorism and Custom Equipment, Security Construction, Communications and Public Disaster Alert Systems.

Hikvision product technology and the price invincible, very suitable for the needs of the Russian security market. We sell IP camera, tvl camera to adapt to the cold environment in Russia. Whether it is hotels, airports, shopping malls, office buildings, etc. We have the corresponding products to choose from. The rapid development of Russia's high-end residential and villa real estate markets has boosted the demand for local safety firefighting equipment. In the past two years, terrorists and bombings have occurred from time to time. In order to fight against terrorist forces and maintain social stability, Russian government departments have increased budgets for the purchase of safety equipment and forced the installation of safety systems for public buildings, creating business opportunities for security product companies.