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NVR Product Advantages
- Jan 17, 2018 -

Front-end diversity

The front-end of NVR products is different from DVR. DVR Product front-end is analog camera, you can put DVR

As a digital encoded storage device for analog video, the front-end of the NVR product can be a Network camera (Ipcamera), video server (video encoder), DVR (encoded storage), and a richer type of device. In the banking monitoring business, it can access the original analog system DVR equipment, can also access the digital system video server, Ipcamera and higher high-definition cameras.

Network adaptability

NVR Products pay more attention to network application, so this type of equipment pay more attention to the transmission efficiency of video in the network. In contrast, DVR products in the network environment, often transmission efficiency is not high.

Streaming media applications

After the video data is encoded, the streaming media technology is often used in the network. By controlling the rate and frame rate of video stream, the technology achieves better transmission efficiency in different network bandwidth environment. The data characteristics of streaming media (Streamingmedia) can produce more application patterns, and can even be easily embedded into other business systems as part of the business system. Therefore, through the combination of streaming media and database technology, the video data can be more easily invoked in other business systems and produce more application modes.

Through NVR equipment, a distributed network with NVR device as "node" can be set up to adapt to the existing distributed multi-layer network environment, effectively reduce the network transmission and data storage pressure of the central node. Therefore, when the NVR system constructs the monitoring system, it has the advantages of wider selection of front-end equipment, more adaptability to network and stronger application ability.