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Main Functions Of DVR
- Jan 17, 2018 -

The main functions of DVR include: monitoring function, video function, playback function, alarm function, control function, network function, password authorization function and work schedule function.

Monitoring: monitoring function is one of the most important functions of hard disk recorder, whether real-time, clear surveillance camera screen, which is a core problem of monitoring system, most hard disk recorders can be real-time, clear monitoring.

Video: Video effect is the core of the digital host and vitality, on the monitor to see real-time and clear images, recorded back and forth effect is not necessarily good, and the most important evidence of the effect of the video is still to watch the effect of the general situation, the video effect than the monitoring effect is more significant. Most DVR video can be real-time 25 frames/sec Video, some video recorder total resources less than 5 frames/sec, usually the resolution is CIF or 4cif,1 road camera video 1 hours about the need for 180MB~1GB hard disk space.

Alarm function: Mainly refers to the detector input alarm and image video frame measurement of the alarm, alarm system will automatically turn on the video function, and through the alarm output function to open the corresponding spotlights, siren and network output signal. Image motion detection is the main alarm function of DVR.

Control function: Mainly refers to through the host to the Omni-directional camera PTZ, lens control, this generally through the special decoder and keyboard to complete;

Network function: Through the LAN or WAN through simple identification can be a host of various monitoring video control operations, equivalent to local operations;

Password authorization function: In order to reduce the system failure rate, and illegal entry, for the stop video, cloth disarm system and access programming procedures such as password password, so that the unauthorized operators can not operate, generally divided into multi-level password authorization system;

Work schedule: Can be a certain time period of a video camera programming, this is the unique function of the digital host, it can be the holiday, the changes in the schedule all in advance to the program, can be implemented in a certain sense unattended.