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Johannesburg International Security Exhibition, South Africa
- Apr 12, 2018 -

South Africa's security exhibitions exhibited a wide range of products, covering a wide range, has become a model for the security industry exhibition in the local and even global, and become an important place for senior procurement decision makers to collect first-rate partners. This exhibition has passed the UFI certification (UFI), and is the first choice for buyers in South Africa's security products industry to purchase equipment and understand the development trend and status quo of domestic and foreign security equipment and related products. During the exhibition, a series of well-planned conferences and seminars and exhibitions were held in the same period. The conferences and seminars provided an ideal platform for information exchange and business dialogue between exhibitors and visitors. It was also a top enterprise in the security industry and a small or medium-sized start-up company. Business interactions have served as a bridge.

In the next five years, South Africa’s industrial security purchasing power will reach US$5.5 billion. As a market that Britain UKTI (Trade and Investment Agency) has called a rapid growth, South Africa has provided excellent opportunities for businesses in the security industry seeking high-profit buyers! And in the next eight years, the South African government plans to invest US$270 billion in infrastructure and power generation each year. The organizers stated that IFSEC has officially obtained 50% of SECUREX's operating rights and will bring this exhibition to an unprecedented success!

South Africa is a middle-income developing country and is also the most economically developed country in Africa. Natural resources are abundant. The financial and legal systems are relatively complete, and infrastructure such as communications, transportation, and energy is good. Mining, manufacturing, agriculture and service industries are all relatively developed. They are the four pillars of the economy, and technologies such as deep-well mining rank the world's leading position. However, the development of various departments and regions of the national economy is uneven, and the urban-rural dual-economy features are obvious. China-South Africa cooperation has become an important part of China's Belt and Road strategy. The South African market will become an important export of domestic excess capacity.

In the future, as China's cooperation with South Africa continues to increase, Chinese companies are expected to fully intervene in the development of South Africa's marine economy, energy, and manufacturing industries, as well as in the construction of special economic zones, and are expected to provide strong support for the development of the African market. Thanks to this, domestic related foreign contracted engineering companies, machinery and equipment export companies, etc. are expected to have broad space for development. Benefiting from the continuous deepening of Sino-South cooperation, China's energy, infrastructure and other related industries are expected to gain new market space.