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Hikvision's Intelligent Storage Robot Wins 2018 German Red Dot Award
- Apr 13, 2018 -

Simple in shape, good at heart. Hikvision's MR-Q3-LR series of intelligent storage robots exhibited powerful technical performance, human-computer interaction design, exquisite workmanship, and flexible customization through the “simple and simple” design concept, and obtained the red review and trial group's Unanimously recognized.

The body is made of aluminum alloy frame, strong and light. The two-wheel differential drive exhibits flexible motion control that ensures smooth and supple motion and enables precise positioning through visual + inertial navigation (later upgrading to laser navigation on the same design). The IP54 protection level ensures that it will respond well in harsh environments.

At present, mobile robot products represented by Hikvision intelligent storage robots have been put into use on a large scale. In cooperation with machine vision products, mobile robotic products have been widely used in electronic equipment manufacturing, automobile manufacturing, e-commerce express delivery, retail, third-party logistics, food and beverage, photovoltaic and pharmaceutical and many other industries.

Hikvision has introduced nearly 800 Hikvision intelligent storage robots for the first phase and second phase of Tonglu Security Industry Base, providing strong warehousing and logistic support for plants with daily output value exceeding 100 million yuan. The system can significantly reduce the labor intensity of workers, improve production efficiency and quality, and optimize the storage layout with big data optimization technology, which can save 58% of manpower and increase work efficiency by 84%.

The Red dot design award originated in Germany and began in 1955. It is one of the internationally recognized top awards for global industrial design. It is also known as the "IF Award" in Germany and the "IDEA Award" in the United States. prize. The award is known for its harsh selection criteria and consists of three awards: Product Design Award, Communication Design Award, and Design Concept Award. The selected products must have different innovation characteristics from other similar products and represent the highest level of industrial design in the world.