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Hikvision Releases Cloud-based Visualization Management Platform
- Apr 13, 2018 -

Hikvision Clouds is a cloud-based visualization management platform, and is a video cloud platform built by Hikvision for enterprises under the big chain era. It can implement nationwide remote video inspection based on Internet technology, and manage the results of video inspection in accordance with management requirements. At the same time, through the AI-based front-end equipment, it can achieve a variety of structural data collection such as passenger flow and human attributes. In combination with the scene-based requirements, the management and operational data that the company pays more attention to, such as store customer flow analysis, customer group analysis, targeted advertising push, face attendance, etc., can be realized. In addition, the overall product design has been deepened toward the convenience of operation and high-efficiency management, and the capacity of the cloud data service at the center has been enhanced. At the same time, the daily usage efficiency of the mobile device App has been greatly improved.