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Hikvision - Artificial Intelligence Technology
- Mar 23, 2018 -

HIKVISION will put artificial intelligence technology into the “HIKVISION Deep” global camera, and its built-in high-performance smart chip has been given powerful image and video capture capabilities. As an integrated linkage device, the “HIKVISION Squat” global camera can realize detection and capture of wide-angle, long-distance human body, face, motor vehicles, and non-motor vehicles; achieves deep coverage, continuous output, and high quality High-resolution pictures of human body, face, motor vehicles, and non-motor vehicles satisfying intelligent analysis can solve the problem of collection of original high-definition material, greatly ease the transmission pressure of the network, and make the back-end data analysis system use resources for high-value information. The analysis and mining will greatly improve the accuracy and efficiency of back-end intelligent analysis and provide better data samples for the deep learning platform. “HIKVISION Deep” global camera is suitable for mixed scenes, such as community entrances and exits, mixed roads, etc., channel-type scenes such as pedestrian passages, city laneways, and open scenes such as pedestrian streets and squares. As a front-end big data acquisition device, it effectively provides HIKVISION smart video surveillance solutions with support for structured big data applications.

"HIKVISION Squatters" has exported more than a dozen countries to the global camera and has been put into use in many cities. It has played an important role in the construction of the city's property awareness system and effectively improved the city's visual management.

Based on the breakthrough of wide-scene, long-distance, and high-definition target capture, the "HIKVISION Squats" global camera combines sensory information with deep learning technology to achieve an all-round enhancement of the intelligent terminal's IOT awareness function, gaining more clarity and accuracy. Effective, richer, and more valuable video data information promotes the development of smart society and life based on big data architecture. This brings revolutionary changes to the “end-cloud-use” of the current Internet of Things, bringing more convenient and more efficient application experience to more industry applications, opening up new space for the highly industrial application and continuous development of computer vision intelligence.