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- Feb 03, 2018 -

Hikvision is a leading security products and industry solutions provider, committed to continuously improve the video processing technology and video analysis technology, providing the world's leading security products, professional industry solutions and quality services for our customers continue to create Greater value.

Hikvision has the industry's leading independent core technology and sustainable research and development capabilities, providing cameras / smart ball machines, Optical transceiver, DVR / DVS / board, BSV LCD splicing screen, network storage, video integrated platform, the center management software security Products, and for the financial, public security, telecommunications, transportation, justice, education, electricity, water conservancy, military and many other industries to provide the appropriate subdivision products and professional industry solutions. These products and solutions are widely used in more than 100 countries and regions in major security projects such as the Beijing Olympic Games, the Universiade, the Asian Games, the Shanghai World Expo, the 60th National Day Parade, and the Qinghai-Tibet Railway.

The company's global marketing and service network has offices in 33 cities across mainland China and has established wholly owned or controlled subsidiaries in Los Angeles, Hong Kong, Amsterdam, Mumbai, St. Petersburg and Dubai and will be established in South Africa, Brazil, etc. Set up branches. And the establishment of channel agents nationwide.

Hikvision, which continues to grow rapidly, has gained general acceptance both inside and outside the industry. For the fifth consecutive year (2007-2011), the company was named the "Top 50 Global Security" by "A & S" as the No. 1 in China Security. In 2011, it ranked No. 4 in IMS Global Video Surveillance Enterprise and IMS Global Video Surveillance Enterprise in 2012 First place DVR enterprise No. 1; Many years selected "national key software enterprises", "top 100 Chinese software companies revenue."

Hikvision, "professional, solid, honest and continuous innovation", is committed to being a leader in respectable and outstanding professional companies worldwide and security industry with a vision of easy and safe life for all.

Yiwu HongYuan Electronics Co., Ltd is a professional CCTV, video surveillance products and solutions supplier, specialized in selling surveillance cameras, video recorders. As Hikvision authorized wholesaler and equipment installer, we enjoy the privilege to sell all series Hikvision products and hold responsible for its domestic and overseas markets business.