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European (France) International Defense Exhibition
- Apr 13, 2018 -

The world's largest land and air equipment and national defense show

EUROSATORY, the European Defense Exhibition, deserves to be the world’s largest air and space equipment and national defense exhibition. It is the best platform for countries to demonstrate their military strength. The biannual European Defense Exhibition began in 1967. Each exhibition has been continuously improving. The number of exhibitors and the number of visitors have continued to grow. At present, it has grown into the world's largest air and space equipment and national defense exhibition and the world. The most important event in the military manufacturing industry. The undoubted exhibition quality of the European Defense Exhibition is based on the following four characteristics of the exhibition:

Internationality: The exhibition brings together exhibitors, visitors and media workers from all over the world;

Commerciality: The exhibition provides exhibitors and visitors with various services to help them better grasp trade opportunities on this platform;

Technology display: The most advanced technology of global defense equipment will be displayed on the exhibition site;

Thought Forum: The exhibition brings together the defense seminars of the world's top defense groups and defense experts. It provides powerful platform support for the latest information, technological innovations, and exchanges of professional opinions in various fields within the industry.


Market analysis

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