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DVR Classification
- Jan 17, 2018 -

DVR in the early development due to various schools of contention, a wide range of relevant people in the industry have a sense of dazzle, after a period of change, various types of classification is also roughly shaped. According to the Taiwan Institute of Industry and Technology Institute of Optoelectronics Industry Research "Analysis of the development of Optoelectronics Industry" report, roughly all the DVR into three categories:

pc-based type

pc-based type of DVR its application platform for the general PC, laptop and so on. In the PC, one or more image capture cards are installed, and the software is used to compress image and perform image editing function, and the system is unstable.

Digital STB Type

STB refers to the Set-top box (generally translated: digital satellite receiver, set-top box, TV network, with the selected video box, etc., due to the differences in the translation, it is hereby STB collectively). The digital STB type DVR belongs to the function integration signal receiving platform in nature, to provide the digital video recording function and receives the digital broadcast and the interactive application signal primarily, may choose to receive the Digital Wireless Ground propagation (Digital terrestrial), the digital cable television transmission (Digital Cable), digital satellite Communications (Digital satellite) and other types of transmission signals.

Stand-alone type

Single-model DVR is the reuse of CPU and RAM to develop the design, the use of proprietary software programs, research and development costs are high. Using hardware compression, quality is stable, there will be no crash problems, and in the image storage speed, resolution and image picture quality are greatly improved. This type of product only provides digital video playback function, without attaching other functions such as broadcast signal reception, Internet network and so on.

DVR technology is still in the development of the State, and the key technology is operating system and image compression technology.