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Classification Of NVR
- Jan 17, 2018 -

NVR product configuration can be divided into embedded NVR and PC Based NVR (PC-type NVR). The function of embedded NVR is cured by firmware, basically can only access a brand IP camera, such NVR performance is a special hardware product. The PC-style NVR features are flexible and powerful, and such nvr are more often considered software.


An essential difference between embedded NVR and embedded DVR is the compatibility of the camera. DVR access is analog camera, output is the standard video signal, because it is analog signal: So the DVR can access any brand and any model of analog cameras. For analog cameras, DVR is an open product.

Embedded NVR due to the non-standard IP camera, coupled with the difficulty of embedded software development, the general embedded NVR only support a manufacturer's IP camera. From the current market on the embedded NVR products, most of the embedded NVR are launched by IP camera manufacturers, just IP camera manufacturers in order to promote the IP camera supporting products. Currently only one or two IP camera embedded NVR products in the market will occupy an important position in the market, but it is difficult to become the mainstream products.

PC Based

PC Based NVR can be understood as a set of video monitoring software, installed in the X86 architecture of the PC or server, industrial computer. PC-Type NVR is the mainstream product in the market, which is developed from two directions. One Direction is the plug-in DVR manufacturers in the development of DVR software based on the inclusion of IP camera support, the formation of hybrid DVR or pure digital NVR; Another direction is the video surveillance platform manufacturers monitoring software, the past is mainly compatible with video codec, now add to the IP camera support, became another force in the NVR.