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Brazil Sao Paulo International Security Exhibition
- Feb 02, 2018 -

Exhibition introduction

Central and South America's largest professional security exhibition

The exhibition held in Sao Paulo, Brazil's largest city, once a year, its size after the United States Las Vegas Security Exhibition, Birmingham Security Exhibition, Dubai Security Exhibition in Dubai. The exhibition exhibits a wide range of products, covering a wide range, is one of the landmark exhibition security industry, and has become an enterprise to enter the Latin American security market, an important business platform. Show visitors from various parts of the security product sales channels, including security dealers and system integrators, as well as a large part of the audience is the end product security products. Security product manufacturers and service providers can communicate with the above audience through the exhibition. The industry regarded the show as a barometer of the Brazilian security market.

ISC serves all security product distribution channels and organizes forums for the release of new processes, new technologies and new product solutions, and provides the best platform for business negotiations among all exhibitors and visitors in the field of security. The show brought a positive business opportunity to security product manufacturers and service providers. Show visitors were from various parts of the security product sales channels, security products manufacturers and service providers through the exhibition to communicate with the audience.


Market analysis

In recent years, the security situation in Brazil has become grim. Various cases of illegal abductions and drug trafficking have taken place frequently. The law and order situation in Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo is deteriorating. Organized crime is on the rise and criminals are becoming increasingly rampant. Therefore, the Brazilian government is actively adopting new security measures to protect public safety. Several cities have already installed video cameras in the streets to prevent criminal activities. At the same time, more and more attention has been paid to strengthening the protection of public safety and actively seeking ways to introduce the world's most advanced security technologies and equipment. Brazil is rapidly becoming a huge security market.

It is estimated that only the market value of electronic security equipment in Brazil is about $ 1 billion, which provides a huge potential market for countries to export security products and equipment to Brazil and provides a good opportunity for companies that wish to enter the security market in Brazil. . According to the Brazilian Association of Electronic Safety Equipment Manufacturers (ABESE), the annual turnover of the safety equipment industry in Brazil amounts to about 1.15 billion U.S. dollars, with turnover of 800 million U.S. dollars and 350 million U.S. dollars respectively for public and private security electronic equipment and equipment. The security industry in Brazil is growing rapidly at 10% annual growth rate. The estimated annual market output of public sector and private demand amounts to about 1.1 billion U.S. dollars. The security market in Brazil has recently been favored by the deteriorating law and order situation. At present, the production and sales of security equipment such as alarm bells, closed-circuit televisions, video cameras and automatic doors are growing by as much as 20% annually.


Past review

Exhibition area: 201,000 square meters

Number of Exhibitors: 500

Number of exhibitors: 41,000


Range of exhibition

1, commercial security categories: CCTV and surveillance systems(including hikvision camera,DVR,NVR,IPC,TVI), access control systems, alarm systems, data security, mechanical safety systems, crime warning equipment, monitoring training equipment;

2, personal safety equipment categories: uniforms, safety protective clothing, protective gloves, safety shoes, head protection, goggles, gas masks and their equipment, safety signs, medical and health care;

3, fire class: building fire safety equipment, fire warning and fire monitoring / communication systems, fire lighting, automatic sprinkler systems, ambulances, respirators, emergency warning / escape signs, alarm devices, ventilation equipment;

4, Homeland Security: X-ray system with safety vehicles, communication equipment, fire alarm system, fire extinguisher, detection and treatment equipment, radar equipment, escape equipment, traffic system, simulator and luggage transportation.