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A Brief History Of The Development Of Digital Camera
- Jan 17, 2018 -

The history of digital cameras dates back to the 450 's, and in 1951 the Bin Krosby Laboratory invented the VCR (VTR), a new machine that could record current pulses from television broadcasts to tape. By the year 1956, the VCR had begun to produce mass. It is considered to be produced by electronic imaging techniques.

NASA had to survey the lunar surface before the astronauts were sent to the moon in the 1960s, NASA. However, engineers found that the analog signals sent back by the detectors were mixed with other rays in the universe, so faint that the receivers on the ground could not turn the signals into clear images. So the engineers had to find another way. Since then, digital image technology has grown faster, thanks largely to technological competition during the Cold War. And these technologies are mainly used in military fields, and most spy satellites use digital image technology.

As early as the 1960s, began the "CCD chip" research and Development, 1969, Bell Labs, George Smith and Willard Boyle to the videophone and semiconductor bubble storage technology, designed to digital camera along the semiconductor surface conductive charge "bubble" (Charge "Bubble" Devices), took the lead in inventing the prototype of CCD device.

The purpose of the CCD was to improve storage technology, and the component itself was used as a simple memory. It was then realized that the CCD could use the photoelectric effect to photograph and store images.

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