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White Balance (WB)
- Apr 13, 2018 -

White Balance is only used in color cameras. Its purpose is to realize the camera image can accurately reflect the scene conditions, and there are manual white balance and automatic white balance.

Automatic White Balance (AWB) is divided into continuous white balance and automatic control of white balance. Continuous white balance, also known as Automatic Tracking White balance (ATW), adjusts continuously as the color temperature of the scene changes, ranging from 2800 to 6000K. This method is most suitable for situations where the color temperature of the scene is constantly changing during shooting, so that the color performance is natural, but when there are few or no white objects in the scene, such as scenes are mostly high color temperature objects such as blue sky clouds or sunsets and When the scene is dark, continuous white balance does not produce the best color effect. Automatic White Balance Control (AWC) requires the camera to be aimed at a white reference target such as a white wall or a white paper, and then change from manual to automatic mode through the menu or switch settings and remain there. After a few seconds or until the image appears white, after the white balance is performed, switch the automatic mode switch back to the manual position to lock the white balance setting, and the white balance setting will remain in the camera's memory until the second time. The range of the execution is changed from 2300 to 10000K. During this period, the setting will not be lost even if the camera is powered off. Setting the white balance by buttons is the most accurate and reliable, suitable for most applications.

Manual White Balance Turn off the automatic white balance and manually adjust the red or blue adjustment device to change the red or blue status. Generally, the level can be adjusted up to 107. For example, increase or decrease the red level, increase or decrease the blue color respectively. One grade. In addition to time, some cameras have white balance fixed at 3200K (incandescent level) and 5500K (daylight level) and other grade commands.