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What is the difference aboutnetwork HD video surveillance system and the traditional video surveillance system ?
- Mar 04, 2018 -

Traditional closed-circuit monitoring system (including DVR-based regional monitoring system) using video cables or optical fiber analog video signal transmission is very sensitive to the distance and long distances across the less economical and convenient (compared to the network high-definition video surveillance System - Network HD Video Surveillance). Generally, local monitoring is carried out in a localized area. Remote transmission usually adopts point-to-point networking. The entire system has large cabling projects, complex structures, high power consumption, high cost and requires many people Watch; the entire system management is less open and intelligent.

Network HD video surveillance system with flexible rental (mainly IP broadband network), multiple users can share a set of central control platform, the user input, easy to use, users can remotely browse and control, in principle, any Internet access Can browse and control. It also introduced a number of new digital technology achievements (such as image recognition technology) to make up for the lack of traditional video surveillance systems, providing value-added business capabilities, expanded functionality and scope, improve system performance and intelligence.