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What is IP-CAMERA, video server, digital video recorder?
- Mar 04, 2018 -



IP-CAMERA is a digital video device that integrates the functions of a video server and a video camera. IP-CAMERA IP Cameras generally have digital cameras and recording devices with built-in Web services that connect directly to Ethernet (wired or wireless). Users can view and listen to the video and sound from the webcam through a standard web browser.


2, video server (DVS)


Using digital compression algorithms, digital audio and video compression and network transmission and control equipment. Video server is generally embedded video server equipment, using embedded CPU hardware design, small size, the structure is convenient, generally have 1, 2 and 4 audio and video input, and some can achieve two-way intercom function. At present, some DVS devices can also be built-in small-capacity hard drive.


3, digital video recorder (DVR);

DVR is Digital Video Recorder, digital video recorder or digital video recorder, which we used to call DVR. Combined with digital storage media of standard interface, digital compression algorithm is adopted to realize digital recording, monitoring and playback of audio and video information, video equipment with system control function or equipment for video network transmission and monitoring (usually with unique Function control panel). At present, DVR products in South Korea and Taiwan occupy a high market share in the global market. There are also PC-controlled machines and embedded PCs. South Korea mainly PC, Taiwan's low number of embedded-based. DVR in mainland China also has PC type and embedded type. Previous DVR is not networking capabilities, mainly to local monitoring. According to the requirements of users and the development of technology, at present, many manufacturers of DVR devices also have networking capabilities. According to the requirements of users, DVRs with networking functions generally watch and store D1 images locally and upload images to the center Is in CIF format. Try not to let DVR work in uninterrupted video and network transmission applications at the same time.