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Thermal radiation infrared lamp
- Apr 14, 2018 -

The phenomenon of thermal radiation is very common. The thermal radiation generated when the object is at a lower temperature is all infrared light, so it cannot be directly observed by the human eye. When heated at about 500 degrees, it will produce dark red visible light, and as the temperature rises, the light becomes brighter and whiter. In a heat-radiating light source, the temperature of the filament is maintained by heating the filament for continued radiation. Maintaining a certain temperature and balancing the energy supplied from the outside with the energy reduced by the radiation.

When the radiator is at different heating temperatures, the peak wavelengths of the radiation are different, and the spectral energy distribution is also different.

The infrared light bulb made by special design and craftsmanship, its infrared light composition can reach 92 - 95% at most. The spectral range is very wide, and the spectral frequency range that ordinary black-and-white cameras experience is also very wide, and infrared light bulbs can generally be made with relatively large power and large irradiation angles, so they can be used for long-range infrared lamps. biggest advantage. The biggest drawback is that it contains visible light components, that is, there is red storm, and the service life is short. If you work 10 hours a day, 5000 hours can only be used for more than a year, consider the heat is not enough, the life is shorter.

In order to overcome the shortcomings of thermal infrared lamps, the first is the development and application of high-pass infrared filter tempered glass. The longer the wavelength, the smaller the red storm, and it can even achieve no red storm. However, the lower the infrared light efficiency, the higher the infrared lamp heat. The wavelength of infrared glass can be selected according to the user's requirement for red storm. In general, when the same effective irradiation distance, the higher the demand for red storm, the higher the cost. Infrared glass is tempered to withstand changes in quenching and rapid heating. In the part of the internal infrared light bulb that is filtered by visible light, heat is generated by the transformation. The temperature will be very high. Under the cold air and rain and snow, the quench will not be damaged. In order to increase the life of heat-irradiated infrared lamps, a light-operated switch circuit is used to reduce the operating time. A voltage-variable voltage regulator rectifier circuit is used to maximize the light power and increase the life of infrared lamps. Is to consider the filament cold resistance is very small, such as 100W infrared light bulb, filament thermal resistance is 529Ω, this time the operating current is only 0.4348A, and the cold resistance is only 36Ω, infrared light power is instantly connected to 6.39A instantaneous power to reach 1470W At this moment, the filament is overloaded by several dozen times, which has a very big influence on the life of the filament. People developed filament protection circuit, I believe that the working life of infrared light bulbs will exponentially increase. In addition, the delay switch circuit is also added to prevent light interference from the environment.