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the choice of manual, automatic aperture lens
- Apr 13, 2018 -

The choice of manual, automatic iris lenses depends on whether the ambient illumination is constant or not.


For the case of constant ambient illumination, such as in elevator cars, closed corridors, and rooms without direct sunlight, manual iris lenses can be used. This allows for a one-time setting based on the actual illumination of the environment during the initial installation and commissioning of the system. Lens aperture size, get a satisfactory brightness screen.


For situations in which the ambient illumination is constantly changing, such as in halls, windows, and lobbies where the illumination varies greatly with daylight hours, an automatic iris lens (which must be equipped with a camera with an auto iris lens socket) is required. Realizes the automatic adjustment of the brightness of the picture, and obtains a good monitor picture with a relatively constant brightness.


For automatic iris lens control signals can be divided into two kinds of DC and VIDEO control, that is, DC voltage control and video signal control. This applies to the type of automatic iris lens, the connection mode of the camera's automatic iris lens socket, and the switch of the drive mode of the automatic iris lens. The three can be coordinated properly.