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Subvert traditional AI to create new value in video
- Apr 19, 2018 -

Pedro Domingos, a machine learning expert, once said: “Winning an artificial intelligence competition can lead the next phase of the information age.” The artificial intelligence boom has swept the world, and governments and IT industry giants have stepped up their deployment, and artificial intelligence startup companies are emerging. In order to attract investors' funds, according to the BBC forecast, by 2020, the global artificial intelligence market will have a scale of 119 billion yuan, a compound annual growth rate of 19.7%. At the just-concluded Internet conference, artificial intelligence has become the focus and consensus of the big coffee enthusiasts. From the products released by these Internet giants, it can be clearly seen that today's artificial intelligence has reached the critical point of entering the real production environment and daily life from the laboratory. In the future, humanity will enter a society where artificial intelligence is ubiquitous. As a kind of technology application, industrial intelligence is in the nature of different scenes and fields to make machines better serve our production and life. In the financial, medical, and automotive fields, there are currently advanced cases of artificial intelligence landing. According to a McKinsey survey, currently more than 40% of companies in China’s traditional industries still do not include artificial intelligence in their strategic priorities, while another 60% of companies are catching up with artificial intelligence express trains. Currently, they are a rising star in security and education. This is especially noticeable. With the maturity of algorithms and computing power, the massive data in the video surveillance industry has become the basis for artificial intelligence in the industry. From the 2016 Beijing Ambrosia to the 2017 Shenzhen Ambon meeting, the products and solutions exhibited by the security vendors indicate the industry. Has entered the era of artificial intelligence. After security entered the IP era, the gap between IT technology and the security industry was gradually broken. Prior to the opening of the artificial intelligence era, innovative technologies such as cloud computing, big data, Internet of things, and biometrics have long been integrated into security solutions. The smart age is well-grounded. At the same time, security has two inherent conditions of artificial intelligence landing: massive data resources meet the requirements of deep learning and training, pre-prevention in the security industry, response in the security, and logistic pursuits. Logical features that meet the requirements of artificial intelligence algorithms and technologies The security industry has naturally entered the era of artificial intelligence.