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Some thing about cloud storage
- Mar 29, 2018 -

Cloud Storage Small Science:

The cloud storage video is an active video. When a camera detects a moving event such as a person walking past or an item being moved, the camera will automatically record the video and upload it to the Fluorite Cloud Security Center. Cloud storage has the advantages of information security, flexible storage, and convenient viewing.

Xiaobian reminds

1. Cloud storage only saves device activity recordings (ie, event recordings, including motion detection and pir etc.)

 2. Cloud storage is opened according to the device channel number. If a multi-channel NVR supports the cloud storage capability level, it can open multiple channels of cloud storage.

3, cloud storage video will occupy the uplink bandwidth in the process of preservation, to ensure that a single device channel (multi-channel devices need to ensure that a single channel) of the uplink bandwidth is greater than 1M;

 4. In any of the following cases, the cloud storage will no longer record: delete the device under the account, suspend the cloud storage service of the device, abnormality of the device disconnected from the network, power failure, etc., resulting in the loss of the connection between the device and the fluorite cloud service, and insufficient bandwidth of the network where the device is located. , The device cannot upload videos normally.

5. The video storage of the device hard disk does not conflict with the cloud storage and can be recorded at the same time.