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PTZ Dome camera
- Apr 14, 2018 -

A dome camera is an imaging device that incorporates camera, lens, and other device combinations in a dome-shaped housing. Divided by spherical shields, there are global and hemispherical types; the performance of the dome camera is divided into fixed-focus lens dome cameras or fixed-focus lens dome cameras and built-in cameras, zoom lenses, heads, decoders and other equipment The integration of smart ball machine; to install the way to distinguish, there are suspended, ceiling and embedded, etc.; to the application of the environment is divided into indoor and outdoor type.

The dome camera is attractive in appearance, clutter-free, easy to use and fully functional. In particular, the integrated intelligent ball machine replaces the combination of traditional cameras, zoom lenses, fast heads, and remote control decoders with a single device, which occupies a great advantage in performance and price ratio, and has become the mainstream of ball cameras. The ball machine we often refer to actually refers to this kind of smart ball machine.