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PTZ camera
- Apr 04, 2018 -

Mainly divided into analog PTZ camera and network PTZ camera

Analog PTZ camera

Analog PTZ camera in addition to the need to connect the power, but also need to connect the video line and 485 control line to achieve video transmission and PTZ control, and need to configure the baud rate, address bits and protocols.


Upgraded version: HDTVI PTZ camera

1 Coaxial video control. With HDTVI recorder, no need to connect 485 line, do not configure 485 information, you can see control.

2 Analog HD. The sharpness is greatly improved, with 720P, 1080P and 300w optional, making the video clearer.


2. Network PTZ camera

The network PTZ camera transmits the video signal and the control signal directly through a network cable. No 485 lines are required. Support web web access PTZ camera IP address, real-time preview, playback and configuration.