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protecting mask
- Apr 13, 2018 -

The protective cover is also one of the most commonly used devices in the monitoring system and is mainly divided into indoor and outdoor. The main difference between the indoor protective cover is the size, the appearance is beautiful, and whether the surface treatment is qualified. The function is mainly dust and vandalism. The outdoor protective cover must have good sealing performance to ensure that rain cannot enter the protective cover to erode the camera. Some outdoor enclosures also have exhaust fans, heating plates, and wipers, which can better protect the equipment. When the weather is too hot, the exhaust fan automatically works; when it is too cold, the heating plate automatically works; when there is rain on the protective cover glass, the wiper can be activated through the control system. When selecting the protective cover, look at the overall structure. The smaller the number of mounting holes is, the better it is for waterproofing. Then look at whether the internal wiring is easy to connect. Finally, consider the appearance, weight, and mounting base.

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