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power supply
- Apr 14, 2018 -

The power supply of the front-end equipment of the TV monitoring system should be designed with consideration. Infrared lamp power supply, taking into account the operating current of the infrared tube is very sensitive to the supply voltage, and the cable length is different for different attenuation of the DC voltage. In the case where the distances between multiple infrared lamps from the control room are relatively large, the DC12V centralized power supply may make the infrared lamp supply voltage near the control room high, and the infrared lamp supply voltage far from the control room is low. Coupled with the deviation in the power supply voltage adjustment, it may cause the life of the infrared lamp with excessively high voltage to be shortened or even burned out. The infrared lamp with low voltage has insufficient transmit power. Therefore, it is recommended to use AC22V power supply or one-to-one DC power supply as much as possible. This kind of DC power supply is stable when the voltage fluctuation of the power grid is AC100V-245V, and the infrared radiation power of the infrared lamp is guaranteed. It is stable and reliable.

The protective cover also affects the effect of the infrared lamp. In the infrared light transmission process, through different media, the transmittance and reflectance are also different. Different window glasses, especially automatic defrosting coated glass, also have different attenuation of infrared light.