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Multimedia monitoring system features
- Apr 14, 2018 -

(a) Security

The multimedia monitoring system improves the defense capabilities against disasters and emergencies. It is not subject to interference from various human factors. It completes each step of the work step by step according to a preset procedure; the introduction of the electronic map makes the monitoring layout more reasonable and intuitive. Can avoid the omission to the greatest extent; The video alarm function makes the deployment more flexible and the alarm more reliable.

(b) Flexibility

The modular design greatly reduces the difficulty of construction and brings great convenience to maintenance. Therefore, it is more flexible from system configuration, project installation and commissioning to system expansion.

(III) Informatization

The development of computer and network construction provides a computer-centric monitoring platform for multimedia monitoring systems, laying a solid foundation for future network information construction.

(D) Intelligence

The multimedia computer is used as the control center, and the visualization of the control interface and the multimedia of the control environment are realized through the system software, and the flexible and mobile intelligent control can be conveniently realized. Each part is organically combined and analyzed, counted, and processed by the computer, completing each step of the scheduled operation, and realizing the crisis.

(e) Modernization

The application of multimedia technology not only raises the security theory to a new height, but also reflects the practical application of the most modern technology from the system's structure and technology realization to the application of communication interface technology.