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Infrared lamp selection and use
- Apr 14, 2018 -

The most important problem in the selection of infrared lamps is the completeness of the set of infrared lamps and cameras, lenses, protective covers, and power supplies. In the design of the program, all equipment was comprehensively considered and designed, and it was considered as an infrared low-light night vision monitoring system project. Some people think about buying infrared lamps after they have bought cameras, lenses, protective covers, and power supplies. This is not true. When considering the completeness, special attention should be paid to the following issues.

(I) Black and white cameras or special color cameras

The COMS image sensor has a wide range of light-sensing spectrum. The light-sensing spectrum includes not only the visible light region but also extends to the infrared region. With this feature, the auxiliary infrared light source can be used to illuminate the COMS image sensor without visible light illumination at night. Clear imaging. In order to transmit a color signal, an ordinary color camera separates the green, blue, and red three-color video signals from the output signal of the CMOS device, and then synthesizes the color television signal. The photosensitive spectrum is only in the visible light region.

With the advancement of technology, a daytime color/night black-and-white camera appears. It uses two COMS switches or a COMS switch using digital circuits, but has the drawbacks of high black and white illumination and adverse effects on color colors. Infrared low-illumination color camera infrared sensitivity is more than 4 times higher than the average camera, with the cost reduction, will become a trend.