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How to network HD video surveillance system for network broadband planning?
- Mar 04, 2018 -

The network can be high-definition video surveillance system network in accordance with the front end, the center service platform and the client is divided into three parts:


1, the front-end bandwidth: the required broadband estimates; such as a front-end only one video server to transmit all the way 25 frames / second DIF-image, the required broadband 384kbps.


2, Platform: The central service platform broadband mainly has two parts, one is the video stream uploaded by the front-end equipment; the other is the video stream distributed by the central service platform to the client.


The central service platform for public network operation Broadband planning can be planned according to the scale of concurrent monitoring and concurrent operation of 50% of the full-load front-end of a platform.


3, the client: time need to monitor the video to determine the number of ways. Since the bandwidth required for each video can be estimated, if one video server transmits a single CIP image (still image) of 25 fps, the desired bandwidth is about 384 kbps (if considering the general motion of the image, the stream may Increase to 512kbps). If the number of concurrently monitored routes is n, the broadband plan on the client side is as follows: n * 512 (kbps).