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How many types of cameras? And features introduced
- Mar 04, 2018 -

Cameras can be divided into the following categories by function: bolt, dome camera, integrated camera, infrared day and night cameras, high speed dome cameras, network cameras.


1, bolt: cheap, but do not have the zoom and rotation capabilities, can only be completed from a fixed point of view of the surveillance, poor concealment;


2, Dome Camera: Has a certain degree of concealment *, while the small size, beautiful, can be mounted on the ceiling, make up some of the deficiencies of the bolt machine;


3, integrated camera: built-in lens, you can automatically focus on the lens control, easy installation and commissioning;


4, Infrared day and night camera: the camera, protective cover, infrared light, power supply cooling unit integrated into one camera equipment, with night vision distance, hidden, and stable performance advantages;


5, Speed Dome Camera: a set of one machine and PTZ cameras in one of the equipment, in addition to a fast track, 360 ° horizontal rotation, no blind spots and privacy features such as shadow areas;


6, network camera: also known as IP camera. It can digitally capture and compress the image after it is collected. The compressed video signal is sent to the server or client side through the IP network. The software can view the remote image in real time on the server or client side.