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Fourth, color to black and white technology
- Apr 19, 2018 -

In general, pure black and white camera's light sensitivity will be much higher than the sensitivity of color cameras, because in the black and white camera DSP image processing only needs to black and white two color operation processing, so now the camera manufacturers in the manufacture Most of the low-light cameras have the function of converting color to black and white, that is, the color image during the day, and the image is converted to a black and white image by the DSP image processor at night to obtain a lower night vision illumination. The general color to black and white conversion process is to control the degree of image switching by the amount of charge (current) converted by the CCD/CMOS collection light. When the current reaches a certain critical value, it will automatically switch to a black and white image, and in order not to Let the camera repeatedly switch the color of the camera on and off the edge of the current critical value. Usually, a time delay processing circuit is used on the circuit to control the color black and white switches of the camera.