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Current CCD/CMOS sensors
- Apr 19, 2018 -

Current CCD/CMOS sensors commonly used in low-light cameras include several vendors, namely SONY, SHARP and Aptina, Omnovision, and LG. Among these CCD/CMOS suppliers, SONY's CCD has relatively good brightness, which is commonly used. The SONY CCD low illuminance technology is Super HAD CCD; Later, there is an ultra-brightness Development CCD, and the CCD sensitivities of the Exview CCD are usually five times that of the Super HAD CCD. CMOS has increased the number of pixels and improved light, SONY and APTINA and OMNIVISION have a large number of high-sensitivity and 1000mV Sensor introduced to meet the needs of low-light IP cameras. In addition, the size of the CCDC/MOS components also has a great influence on the brightness. The larger the size, the better the brightness. In order to make low-light cameras have lower illumination requirements, manufacturers usually use 1/1.8, 1/2-inch CCD/CMOS sensors. There is also data in the component manufacturer's specification table showing that the 1/3-inch CCD's incoming light sensitivity is only about 56% of that of the 1/2-inch CCD, while the 1/4-inch CCD has only 1/3 inch more. 44% of CCD. This can confirm that the photosensitive component size is also one of the key factors affecting the camera's low-light effect.