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Analog camera introduce
- Mar 01, 2018 -

The whole video monitoring system is divided into the front-end video acquisition device, the mid-end transmission processing equipment and the back end display viewing device.

What we call the analog camera belongs to the front-end video acquisition device, output analog camera are analog video signal, through the encoder video acquisition device can be produced by the analog video signal into digital signal, and then store it in the computer.

The video signal captured by the analog camera must be converted into a digital mode by a specific video capture card and compressed before it can be converted to the computer.

The characteristics of

 1. Ease of use

 Analog video camera: closed circuit, can only be seen inside, can not be seen remotely,

 2. Practicability

 Analog video camera: the video data can only be stored locally, nor can it be viewed remotely, and it is not easy to be destroyed by criminals.

 3. Integration

 Analog Video camera: analog camera and DVR(Digital Video Recorder). If it is literally understood, it does not specify whether the recording medium is a magnetic tape or a hard disk.

Connected, the number of the DVR is limited, and when the DVR is full, the cost of hardware will be increased.

 4, installation,

 Analog camera: connect the coaxial cable to each camera and connect to the control platform, video equipment, display equipment.

Every increase is rewiring, and there is no ready network to take advantage of.

 5, the remote

 Analog camera: only local view of image management.

 6. Extensibility

 Analog cameras: it is very difficult to extend the work, and each analog camera requires a dedicated cable that will affect the quality of the image when using a long cable.

 7, cost,

 Analog video camera: coaxial cable is very expensive. Standard coaxial cable used for RG59 750hms is 30% to 40% higher than high quality cable.

Every analog camera needs a cable, and if there are many cameras, you have to buy a lot of cables and spend money on the installation and deployment of these cables.

Manpower and maintenance costs are high, and the cost of system construction will include analog cameras, video recorders and videotapes.

 8. Power supply characteristics

 The analog camera power supply is 220V ac and the power supply line is long.Other 24V and 12V power supply.