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Advantages of NVR
- Jan 17, 2018 -

NVR (Receptacle video recorders) is a network device based on the Internet IP Protocol (Kyoto), and NVR's related functions are all based on IP architectures, so it can be managed remotely over a LAN or WAN, In the framework of Network video surveillance system has considerable flexibility, and NVR basic skills to access and record at the same time remote IP camera or DVS video stream, which is easy to use, easy to install the characteristics of the security industry has been widely favored.

Compared with the use of PC server +ip-san solution, NVR using embedded system architecture, in the system operating stability to inherit Linux or embedded system advantages, stability and system operation and maintenance cost performance better, the use of simple architecture and low-cost equipment costs, To build a monitoring framework that does not lose to professional servers, in terms of video limit, when a group of NVR supported by the limited number of video, can be changed to adopt a NVR of the structure of the network video surveillance system to achieve the required system service energy.

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