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Advantages of IP Camera
- Jan 17, 2018 -

1. Webcam has an advantage is the use of mobile phone app to manage the camera, easy to operate, open the application store to download the corresponding app, binding camera, wireless transmission through the network data, to achieve mobile phone-side synchronization to watch the camera dynamic. The login app is bound to the camera to operate the camera.

2. Can be realized by wireless with the camera opposite relatives and children to talk to speak, but also video, screenshots to achieve a snapshot often instantaneous.

3. Open See mode, only need to network normal, camera can support 24 hours to see, real-time remind home abnormalities, know home situation more convenient.

4. Support Karu and Cloud Records, Karu video can be played back and anywhere through the mobile phone, to see the past record is easier. Keep a sense of true 0 distance with joining.

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